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17 August 2009

FaLLiNq For YoU♥

DaMn CouLd iT Be?
ThAt ThIs GuY HaS Me FeeLiN ThIs ThInG
I CaNt ExPlAiN iT, BuT iTs As SwEEt As HoNeY
I ThInK i LiKe iT, i LoVe iT, YeA iTs AddIcTiNg
The WaY He LoOkS, HoLdS -n- LoVeS Me
I DoNt EvEr WaNt To LoSe ThIs FeeLiNg
CuS BaBy, i DoNt WaNt To Be LoNeLy
YoU'Ve BeeN ThErE Fo Me SiNcE Da BeGiNiNg
-N- i WaNt YoU To Be ThErE Fo InFeNiTy
So BaBy DoNt YoU EvEr LeAvE Me
CuS i'M FaLLiN 4ya, YeA iTs DeeP
I PrOmIsE To Be ThErE WhEn YoU NeeD Me
JuSt PrOmIsE, YoU'll HoLd Me
-N- LoVe Me<3>

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