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22 December 2009

[ always be mine ]

I don't know
How I ever got so lucky
To have you by my side
Is like a miracle
You probably could have had anyone
You wanted
And you chose me
It's amazing

Have you ever had that day when it hits you
Like meteor from the sky
That you finally found that person
That you want spend the rest of your life with
And even though you know its almost impossible
You still have hopes that it'll work out

Baby I think we can make
We can beat the odds
Everyone has their doubts
So do I sometimes
Let's prove it to them
Let's prove it to ourselves
We're meant to be

I don't know how I got through life without you
It seems like you are the other half that completes me
And I thank all the stars
That you found me somehow
And I'm wishing that you'll
always be mine

our fourth month dear


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