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27 February 2010

[ sayang...u means a lot to me ]

saya nak jiwang sikit je entry kali nie
boley taw~~~
yesterday nite i've my date with my beloved one
mr sayang@mr boyfie@mr Aboy Van Lampard
tapi saya lebih suke name betol die
mr. Khairool Adzhim bin Kamaruddin
unik en ejaan name die???
we olls g Cineleisure @ The Curve
tengok wayang citer ''From Paris With Love''
double date taw dengan his fwenz name Mental with his gurl Hannan

"bebeh...u means a lot to me...u know dat rite???love you so much!!u're not the 1st,but i can promise u're the last.dat is my pray.i wish we can be together,sharing all sweet moments,no secret between us and the most important happily ever after. till now after 6th month we have been together,no fight!!!hahaha=D. bebeh...i'm not a perfect person but i'm trying to be the best for you bcuz only you in my heart''


adnil linda said...

bru nyempat nk jalan2...

semoga bahagia selalu eh...ngeeeee~

**hudalulu** said...

adnil linda : thnkz yaw... =))